[Numpy-discussion] Latest Array-Interface PEP

Francesc Altet faltet at carabos.com
Fri Jan 5 06:58:02 EST 2007

A Divendres 05 Gener 2007 01:36, Travis Oliphant escrigué:
> Christopher Barker wrote:
> > eople like:
> >
> > wxPython -- Robin Dunn
> > PIL      -- Fredrik Lundh
> > PyOpenGL -- Who?
> > PyObjC -- would it be useful there? (Ronald Oussoren)
> > MatplotLib (but maybe it's already married to numpy...)
> > PyGtk ?
> It's a good start, but their is also
> PyMedia, PyVoxel, any video-library interface writers, any audo-library
> interface writers.
> Anybody who wants to wrap/write code that does some kind of manipulation
> on a chunk of data of a specific data-format.

Yeah. I think this is the case for PyTables. However, PyTables case should be 
similar to matplotlib: it needs so many features of NumPy that it is just 
conceivable it can live with just an implementation of the array interface.

In any case, I think that if the PEP has success, it would suppose an 
extraordinary leap towards efficient data interchange in applications that 
doesn't need (or are reluctant to include) NumPy for their normal operation.


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