[Numpy-discussion] Installing numpy from rpm

Christopher Barker Chris.Barker at noaa.gov
Sun Jan 7 12:49:13 EST 2007

Satyendra Tomar wrote:

> I just used "rpm -Uvh numpy-1.0.1-1.src.rpm" to install numpy from the 
> rpm package, running under SuSE 10.1, <>, 
> python 2.4.2 , GCC 4.1.0 but python can't still find the numpy module. 

You've installed a SOURCE rpm  -- what you need to do is build that rpm, 
then install the binary it produces:

rpmbuild --rebuild numpy-1.0.1-1.src.rpm

then look near the end of the output for where is put the resulting 
binary rpm. It can then be installed as you did above.

Alternatively, find a pre-built binary (on without .src. in the name)for 
your system.


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