[Numpy-discussion] No test file found

Robert Kern robert.kern at gmail.com
Thu Jan 11 18:32:42 EST 2007

Keith Goodman wrote:
> I see a lot of 'No test file found' warnings when running
> numpy.test(). What does that mean?

The test collector tries to find a test module for every actual module. So
numpy/dual.py would correspond to numpy/tests/test_dual.py . A lot of modules
don't need to be tested because they don't contain real code (__init__.py's,
info.py's, __version__.py's) or because their code is tested by other functions
(most of the extension modules are tested by testing the Python modules where
the functions are exposed).

And of course, some modules which should have test coverage don't.
Unfortunately, it's difficult to extract those from all of the false positives.

Robert Kern

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