[Numpy-discussion] Latest Array-Interface PEP

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Fri Jan 12 07:17:31 EST 2007

Neal Becker wrote:
> I believe we are converging, and this is pretty much the same design as I
> advocated.  It is similar to boost::ublas.
I'm grateful to hear that.   It is nice when ideas come from several 
different corners.
> Storage is one concept.
> Interpretation of the storage is another concept.
> Numpy is a combination of a storage and interpretation.
> Storage could be dense or sparse.  Allocated in various ways. Sparse can be
> implemented in different ways.
> Interpretation can be 1-d, 2-d.  Zero-based, non-zero based.  Also there is
> question of ownership (slices).

How do we extend the buffer interface then?  Do we have one API that 
allows sharing of storage and another that handles sharing of 

How much detail should be in the interface regarding storage detail.   
Is there a possibility of having at least a few storage models 
"shareable" so that memory can be shared by others that view the data in 
the same way?


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