[Numpy-discussion] failed to build numpy and Numeric in Windows

Zhou, Mi Mi.Zhou at STJUDE.ORG
Fri Jan 12 15:07:23 EST 2007


Python on the same machine was built with MSVS2005. I think it is
capable of building python modules. 

Interestingly, if I replace "floor" with "ceil" in that line of code. It
will build just fine, and of course, the Numeric.floor() will work just
like Numeric.ceil():

static void * floor_data[] = { (void *)ceil,  (void *)ceil,  (void
*)"floor",  };



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Zhou, Mi wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to build Numpy-1.01 in windows using "python setup.py
> build".  My C compiler is MSVS2005.

Hmm. I was pretty sure that MSVS2005 was not capable of building Python
extension modules that work with the official Python interpreter builds.
doesn't explain or solve the problem that you state, but if the problem
restricted to MSVS2005, it may not be worth solving.

Robert Kern

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