[Numpy-discussion] Overload binary operators with custom array type

Adam Jenkins adam at thejenkins.org
Fri Jan 12 17:43:33 EST 2007

Travis Oliphant <oliphant.travis <at> ieee.org> writes:

> Adam Jenkins wrote:

> > I just tried it, and it does solve the problem for the
> > mathematical operators like + and -, but doesn't seem to work for
> > the comparison operators.  That is, if I write
> > 
> > lhs < rhs
> > 
> > where lhs is a numpy.ndarray and rhs is a myarray, numpy still
> > treats rhs as a scalar and tries to compare each element of lhs to
> > rhs, even though I set myarray.__array_priority__.  Is this
> > intentional that the comparison operators ignore
> > __array_priority__, or just a bug in ndarray?
> Probably could be considered a bug.
> What does
> less(lhs, rhs)
> do?

It does the same thing, calls rhs.__gt__ on each element of lhs.  Hmm,
I just tried numpy.add(lhs, rhs), and that returns NotImplemented,
whereas "lhs+rhs" results in rhs.__radd__(lhs) being called.  So
"lhs<rhs" behaves the same as numpy.less(lhs,rhs), but "lhs+rhs" and
numpy.add(lhs,rhs) behave differently.

Here's a sample program which demonstrates all this.  I'm using python
2.4.3 and numpy 1.0.1.

Adam Jenkins

import numpy

class myarray(object):
  def _get_array_priority(self):
    print "myarray.__array_priority__"
    return 20
  __array_priority__ = property(_get_array_priority)
  def __add__(self, other):
    print "myarray.__add__(%s)" % (other,)
    return 1
  def __radd__(self, other):
    print "myarray.__radd__(%s)" % (other,)
    return 1

  def __lt__(self, other):
    print "myarray.__lt__(%s)" % (other,)
    return True

  def __gt__(self, other):
    print "myarray.__gt__(%s)" % (other,)
    return True

lhs = numpy.array([1,2,3])
rhs = myarray()

print "lhs+rhs=%s\n" % (lhs + rhs,)
print "add(lhs, rhs)=%s\n" % (numpy.add(lhs, rhs),)
print "lhs<rhs=%s\n" % (lhs < rhs,)
print "less(lhs, rhs)=%s\n" % (numpy.less(lhs, rhs),)

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