[Numpy-discussion] Come to PyCon if you can

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Mon Jan 15 16:18:10 EST 2007


This is a little plug for coming to PyCon Feb 22-25.  I am going to be 
there from Thursday night (Feb. 22) until Saturday evening (Feb. 25), 
and would like to meet with anyone interested to discuss some of the 
issues surrounding NumPy/SciPy and the PEPs we are working on for 
Python.  I would stay for the sprints but I can't this year.  If others 
are interested in using the sprints for SciPy/NumPy development, then we 
can still coordinate efforts.  

I will be presenting a talk on Understanding NumPy which is targeted to 
the beginner/intermediate audience on Saturday morning.  There are other 
talks as well that have a distinct scientific computing flavor that look 
very interesting.  Hopefully we can organize a BOF session as well 
during the conference (on Friday evening preferrably).

Here are more details:


Early bird registration ends Jan 15 (today!)

Best regards,

-Travis O.

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