[Numpy-discussion] weird numpy.any() behavior; bug, or 6-legged feature?

Robert Kern robert.kern at gmail.com
Tue Jan 16 14:14:27 EST 2007

Matthew Koichi Grimes wrote:

> Is this a bug? It seems like having to generate a whole list before
> calling any() defeats the whole appeal of using any() in the first
> place; namely that it'll exit on the first False returned by the
> generator, without going through the rest of the elements.

No, it's not really a bug; it's a consequence of the fact that we can't reliably
"just build an array" from any given generator without extra information. And
even then, it's tricky. The generator object is being turned into a
numpy.object_ scalar type; that's why you get the result that you do.

Most numpy functions operate on arrays or things that can be turned into arrays.
They don't operate in ideal ways on every kind of object that you might throw at

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