[Numpy-discussion] setmember1d memory leak?

Robert Kern robert.kern at gmail.com
Mon Jan 22 15:38:54 EST 2007

Per B. Sederberg wrote:
> Does anyone have any idea of what might be occurring in setmember1d in
> combination with this setup that would cause such a massive memory leak?

Can you check out numpy from SVN and see if you can reproduce the leak? I do not
see a leak with a recent checkout on OS X with the following code:

In [15]: from numpy import *

In [16]: ar1 = arange(1000000)

In [17]: ar2 = arange(3, 7)

In [18]: import itertools

In [19]: for i in itertools.count(1):
   ....:    if not i % 1000:
   ....:        print i
   ....:    x = setmember1d(ar1, ar2)

Robert Kern

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