[Numpy-discussion] building NumPy with Intel CC & MKL

rex rex at nosyntax.com
Wed Jan 24 07:32:00 EST 2007

Robert Kern <robert.kern at gmail.com> [2007-01-24 03:22]:
> rex wrote:
> >>>> import numpy
> >>>> print numpy
> > <module 'numpy' from '/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/numpy/__init__.pyc'>
> > 
> > What am I to make of this? Is it the rpm numpy or is it the numpy I
> > built using the Intel compiler and MKL?
> Did you change the distutils installation location? See this page for the
> various ways to do that:
>   http://docs.python.org/inst/alt-install-windows.html
> If not, then I strongly suspect that you overwrote the numpy that you installed
> by RPM.

Thanks for the URL. It would not have occurred to me to read
"alt-install-windows" since I don't do Windows, and haven't since 1999.

I did not change the distutils installation location. 

How do I determine what is loaded when "import numpy" is issued?
That is, how does one distinguish between the RPM and the NumPy built
using the Intel compiler and MKL? I suppose I can build NumPy under my
user directory and reinstall the RPM, and then run some benchmarks. 

This is exceedingly frustrating; it's not new -- numpy/scipy are very
important to me, but they have been very difficult to install under SUSE
for years. 

I'm very grateful for the selfless contributions of those who have
created numpy/scipy, but if I -- a highest honors grad -- have great
difficulty making it work, what about others? 


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