[Numpy-discussion] Patch for RPy to use NumPy uploaded to www.scipy.org

Tim Churches tchur at optushome.com.au
Tue Jan 30 19:56:07 EST 2007

Travis Oliphant wrote:
> I've added a patch to the Porting to NumPy page so that RPy uses NumPy 
> instead of Numeric.  It would be very helpful for unification if these 
> package authors would accept these patches.  NumPy is far enough along 
> in development that I don't think there is any reason for new releases 
> of packages to continue to support Numeric.
> For numarray-support in packages the transition may take a little 
> longer.   I know that some think that supporting multiple array packages 
> may be a good idea.  I think that is a recipe for long-term headaches. 
> We are moving to get the array interface into Python.  Until that 
> happens (hopefully by Python 2.6), third-party code should write to 
> NumPy.  You can use the attribute-based array interface if you are 
> willing to alter that at some point in the future when the array 
> interface is moved into Python.

Yes, except that we have quite a lot of code in fielded applications
which is written with Numeric, and which also uses RPy. We currently
have no funds to do the Numeric to NumPy port in our code. If RPy
dropped support for Numeric, we would be forced to use increasing old
versions of RPy, which means we would be locked into increasing old
versions of R.

I would argue that it is premature for RPy to drop support for Numeric.
Maybe by the time Python 2.6 is out and NumPy is part of Python.

Tim C

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