[Numpy-discussion] Patch for RPy to use NumPy uploaded to www.scipy.org

Tim Churches tchur at optushome.com.au
Tue Jan 30 20:43:02 EST 2007

Robert Kern wrote:
> I don't see why. RPy will use numpy internally to communicate with R. Your code
> will use Numeric internally to do whatever you do. As of Numeric 24.2, each can
> consume the other's arrays seamlessly.

OK, if that is the case, then it might be OK for us if RPy dropped
Numeric support.

> You might want to intersperse some
> Numeric.asarray() and numpy.asarray() calls at the boundaries, but that should
> be it.

Ah, so not quite seemless consumption of each other's arrays? We'll need
to test.

>> I would argue that it is premature for RPy to drop support for Numeric.
>> Maybe by the time Python 2.6 is out and NumPy is part of Python.
> numpy itself will never be part of Python. We're aiming for a standardized array
> interface and an API for manipulating that interface to become part of Python.

Yes, OK.

Tim C

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