[Numpy-discussion] Requests for NumPy Ports?

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Wed Jan 31 12:46:15 EST 2007

Christopher Barker wrote:

>Travis Oliphant wrote:
>>Most of these are probably the gtk-python extension which can use 
>This strikes me as an excellent argument for including an n-d array in 
>the Python standard lib.

It is absolutely a good argument.  If Python had the array interface, 
gtk would just use it and not have any dependency on Numeric or NumPy at 
all.   Every windowing interface (and OpenGL) would have the same need.

To me this is so obvious that I don't understand the resistance in the 
Python community to the concept.  Perhaps I'm just mis-interpreting the 
feedback I've received, but it would be really helpful to move things 
forward if somebody with write priviledges would just say:  "We need 
this array interface thing so let's hash out Travis's proposal."  In 
other words we can argue the details but I need some more support for 
the general idea to continue to invest time in making the array 
interface work.    I'm going to try and get the BDFL or somebody with 
similar influence to agree to basically say something like that at PyCon 
this year.   If anybody going to PyCon want's to help me, let's get 


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