[Numpy-discussion] Scipy release

David Cournapeau david at ar.media.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Wed Jul 4 07:22:54 EDT 2007

John Reid wrote:
> Well I don't really want to get into an argument about the definition of 
>   'quick as it can be'.
> I'm just trying to say that when people try the latest stable versions 
> of 2 libraries that are closely coupled, they can be put off by warnings 
> that appear out of the box. I'm pretty sure these warnings aren't 
> important but seeing as I don't work on the internals of the libraries I 
> don't know for sure. It looks like something that a quicker release 
> schedule would fix and improve confidence amongst novice users of scipy.
I think most scipy developers are aware that releases are always too 
late for users. But the problem really is a lack of manpower, not a lack 
of love for users.
> That said I'm not the one building the releases, I was just curious how 
> the releases are managed and whether people who work on scipy are aware 
> of this. Probably most scipy developers aren't using the 0.5.2 version 
> with these warnings.
I think most developers use subversion, indeed. It is not enforced, but 
my impression is that people try pretty hard to avoid breaking the main 
trunk (that is using the last subversion is not more buggy than a 
release). At least, I myself try to do so, and the fact that most scipy 
dev use subversion help.

I always do a full run of the tests when I deploy a new version, though.


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