[Numpy-discussion] segfault caused by incorrect Py_DECREF in ufunc

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Fri Jul 6 15:43:22 EDT 2007

Tom Denniston wrote:

>Below is the code around line 900 for ufuncobject.c
>There is a decref labeled with ">>>" below that is incorrect.  As per
>the python documentation
>#PyObject* PyDict_GetItem( PyObject *p, PyObject *key)
>#Return value: Borrowed reference.
>#Return the object from dictionary p which has a key key. Return NULL
>if the key #key is not present, but without setting an exception.
>PyDict_GetItem returns a borrowed reference.  Therefore this code does
>not own the contents to which the obj pointer points and should not
>decref on it.  Simply removing the Py_DECREF(obj) line gets rid of the
>I was wondering if someone could confirm that my interpretation is
>correct and remove the line.  I don't have access to the svn or know
>how to change it.
>Most people do not see this problem because it only affects user defined types.

You are right on with your analysis.  Thank you for the test, check, and 

I've changed it in SVN. 

Best regards,


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