[Numpy-discussion] Array protocol and wxPython

Christopher Barker Chris.Barker at noaa.gov
Mon Jul 9 15:54:02 EDT 2007

Timothy Hochberg wrote:
> This is mainly addressed to Chris Barker since he seems to follow 
> wxPython pretty closely.

I do try to.

> Does anyone know if anyone ever tried to get wxPython to use the array 
> protocol to speed up the internal conversion of arrays?

Not that I've heard of. A note to Robin would probably be in order, 
though. I've threatened to a few times, but don't have a compelling need 
at the moment.

> I was toying 
> with the idea of giving it a try if no one's got around to it.

That would be great! Let me know if I can help with testing or something.


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