[Numpy-discussion] Problems building numpy

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Fri Jul 13 10:12:42 EDT 2007


By making replacing line 807 in fcompiler/__init__.py (return None)
        from numpy.distutils.fcompiler.none import NoneFCompiler
        compiler = NoneFCompiler()
        return compiler

I have been able to get a little bit further with my problems. I'm not
sure if this is the correct way to do the import since I'm quite new to

It seems to build OK now, but there is a linking error: I'm not sure why
-lmsvcr71 is included in the linker flags, since I should be using
cygwin (setup.py build --compiler=mingw32). I think this is because it
is not finding the fortran libraries needed. These should come with
cygwin, but I'm not sure how to point to them. Also it still reports not
finding a fortran compiler, although g77 is installed in cygwin. Looking
through the code I'm wondering if there is some confusion between use of
os.name (which is 'nt') and sys.platform (which is 'win32') - I thought
perhaps that's why its reporting not Fortran compilers supported for
'nt'. Not too sure though. Again any help greatfully received.

... lots of similar undefinied references ...
C:\/libf77blas.a(xerbla.o):xerbla.f:(.text+0xe): undefined reference to
C:\/libf77blas.a(xerbla.o):xerbla.f:(.text+0x29): undefined reference to
C:\/libf77blas.a(xerbla.o):xerbla.f:(.text+0x44): undefined reference to
C:\/libf77blas.a(xerbla.o):xerbla.f:(.text+0x49): undefined reference to
C:\/libf77blas.a(xerbla.o):xerbla.f:(.text+0x5d): undefined reference to
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
error: Command "g++ -mno-cygwin -shared
g\lapack_litemodule.o -LC:\ -Lc:\Python25\libs -Lc:\Python25\PCBuild
-llapack -l
f77blas -lcblas -latlas -lpython25 -lmsvcr71 -o
\lapack_lite.pyd" failed with exit status 1



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