[Numpy-discussion] getting numPy happening for sciPy

Tim Mortimer timmortimer at d2.net.au
Mon Jul 23 06:50:24 EDT 2007

Hello There,

I'm pretty new to Python, picking it up recently in order to begin to 
experiment with Csound / Python interconnectivity (generating scores, 
GUI elements, using Vpython to model mechanical "systems"... that sort 
of thing...)

Have so far written about 500 lines of Python code (over the last few 
weeks) to do various housekeeping of of my Csound .sco's & beginning to 
play with some Python / Csound score generative stuff. Sowhen it comes 
to Python i'm a novice, but with some grasp of the basics.

Anyway, I wanted to "beef up" my python arsenal with some of the SciPY 
stuff - initially a wider & more solid range of random number 
generators, histograms & statistical packages etc.

So it is with some regret that i see at present that it is not possible 
to build SciPy on top of the standard "out the box" NumPy installation?

I am not an experienced programmer, so the idea of building NumPy from 
the "bleeding edge" repository is beyond my capability, as there appears 
to be no specific instructions for how to do this (that don't assume you 
have some degree of experience at what your doing anyway.. )

So I guess my question is

1) can i get an idiots guide to what's required to get the current NumPy 
installation happening in order to host SciPy on top of it?

2) if 1) involves a whole lot of faffing about & acquiring a whole heap 
of new skill set (that only really has limited long term relevance to 
me, & isn't likely to stick in my head very long anyway) - how long do I 
have to wait before i can just run a new NumPy installer, followed by a 
SciPy installer, & get the full kit & kaboodle happening?

Regrettably, I'm on Win XP.

Thanks for any help or advice. Can't imaging i'll be having too much of 
a contribution to this community, but will be interested to see what 
sort of topics float through the NumPY world....

with thanks

Tim - Adelaide, Australia.

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