[Numpy-discussion] getting numPy happening for sciPy

Steven H. Rogers steve at shrogers.com
Mon Jul 23 08:54:37 EDT 2007

Tim Mortimer wrote:
> Anyway, I wanted to "beef up" my python arsenal with some of the SciPY 
> stuff - initially a wider & more solid range of random number 
> generators, histograms & statistical packages etc.
> So it is with some regret that i see at present that it is not possible 
> to build SciPy on top of the standard "out the box" NumPy installation?
> I am not an experienced programmer, so the idea of building NumPy from 
> the "bleeding edge" repository is beyond my capability, as there appears 
> to be no specific instructions for how to do this (that don't assume you 
> have some degree of experience at what your doing anyway.. )
> So I guess my question is
> 1) can i get an idiots guide to what's required to get the current NumPy 
> installation happening in order to host SciPy on top of it?
> 2) if 1) involves a whole lot of faffing about & acquiring a whole heap 
> of new skill set (that only really has limited long term relevance to 
> me, & isn't likely to stick in my head very long anyway) - how long do I 
> have to wait before i can just run a new NumPy installer, followed by a 
> SciPy installer, & get the full kit & kaboodle happening?
> Regrettably, I'm on Win XP.
G'day Tim:

I don't know of any simple build instructions for Windows, but if you're 
patient, there will probably be updated packaged releases of SciPy + 
NumPy that play well together "real soon now". 


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