[Numpy-discussion] tofile speed

Lars Friedrich lfriedri at imtek.de
Tue Jul 24 02:16:04 EDT 2007

Hello everyone,

thank you for the replies.

Sebastian, the chunk size is roughly 4*10^6 samples, with two byte per 
sample, this is about 8MB. I can vary this size, but increasing it only 
helps for much smaller values. For example, when I use a size of 100 
Samples, I am much too slow. It gets better for 1000 Samples, 10000 
Samples and so on. But since I already reached a chunksize in the region 
of megabytes, I have difficulties to increase my buffer size further. I 
also have the feeling that increasing does not help in this size region. 
(correct me if I am wrong...)

Chuck, I am using a Windows XP system with a new (few months old) Maxtor 


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