[Numpy-discussion] Compile extension modules with Visual Studio 2005

Ray Schumacher subscriber100 at rjs.org
Wed Jul 25 09:38:55 EDT 2007

Geoffrey Zhu wrote:
 > Hi,
 > I am about to write a C extension module. C functions in the module will
 > take and return numpy arrays. I found a tutorial online, but I am not
 > sure about the following:

I agree with others that ctypes might be your best path.
The codeGenerator is magic, if you ask me:

But, if the function is simple, why not weave.inline? What I have 
done is run the function once, hunt down the long-named library, copy 
it to the local directory, then include it explicitly and call its 
function. This eliminates some overhead time for the call. I use it 
to convert packed IEEE data from an ADC data read function, and it's 
faster than the manufacturer's own function version that returns 
scaled integers!


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