[Numpy-discussion] Downsampling a 2D array with min/max and nullvalues

Ludwig M Brinckmann ludwigbrinckmann at gmail.com
Thu Jul 26 04:53:47 EDT 2007

Hi there,

I have a 2D array of size, lets say 40000 * 512, which I need to downsample
by a step of 4 in the y direction, and step 3 in the x direction, so I would
get an array of 10000 * 170 (or 171, the edges do not matter much). But what
I need to retain are the maxima and minima in every 4*3 window.

I have a solution that works by first clipping off the edges of the array,
so that its shape is divisible by 4*3, and then applying a two step process
that will compute the min and max in strips --first in the x direction and
then in the y-direction through reshaping and reduce (not super elegant, but
it seems to work):

def downsampleArray1D(data, step, nullValue):
    print 'downsampling %d' %step
    if data.shape[1] % step != 0:
        xlen = data.shape[1] - data.shape[1] % step
        data = data[...,:xlen]
    data1d = data.ravel()
    assert(data1d.shape[0] % step == 0)
    data1d.shape = (len(data1d)/step, step)
    maxdata = numpy.maximum.reduce(data1d,1)
    mindata = numpy.minimum.reduce(data1d,1)
    mindata.shape = ((data.shape[0],int(data.shape[1] / step)))
    maxdata.shape = ((data.shape[0],int(data.shape[1] / step)))
    return mindata, maxdata

def downsampleArray2D(data, yStep, xStep, nullValue):
    # first adjust the data to the step size by ignoring edges
    if data.shape[0] % yStep != 0:
        ylen = data.shape[0] - data.shape[0] % yStep
        data = data[:ylen,...]
    if data.shape[1] % xStep != 0:
        xlen = data.shape[1] - data.shape[1] % xStep
        data = data[...,:xlen]
    minx, maxx = downsampleArray1D(data, xStep, nullValue)
    minxt = numpy.transpose(minx)
    minxt1, dummy = downsampleArray1D(minxt, yStep, nullValue)

    maxxt = numpy.transpose(maxx)
    dummy, maxxt1 = downsampleArray1D(maxxt, yStep, nullValue)

    minimum = numpy.transpose(minxt1)
    maximum = numpy.transpose(maxxt1)

    return minimum, maximum

Now I need a solution that will ignore null values, i.e. that any value that
is equivalent to e.g. -999 ignored in the min and max computation, but if
all values in a 4*3 window are nullvalues, then min and max should be set to
the null value.

Any suggestions?

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