[Numpy-discussion] How do I get numpy.distutils.core setup to properly handle an optimize=1 in setup.cfg when doing bdist_rpm?

Stanley A. Klein sklein at cpcug.org
Thu Jul 26 18:01:46 EDT 2007

I'm trying to do an rpm package of enthought kiva for a Fedora 5 system. 
Enthought kiva imports numpy.distutils.core setup, probably because it has
a lot of mathematical functions to compile as part of the package.

Doing bdist_rpm for Fedora requires using a setup.cfg that contains


because SE-Linux needs to know all the files involved, including the pyc
and pyo files, and this is best done by having distutils/setuptools both
create the pyc/pyo files and the rpm spec file.

However, when I run the enthought kiva setup.py with the proper setup.cfg,
I get an error ("unpackaged files") indicating that the numpy distutils
did not properly process the setup.cfg file.

How do I fix it?


Stan Klein

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