[Numpy-discussion] Build external C functions that take numpy arrays as parameters and return numpy arrays

Geoffrey Zhu zyzhu2000 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 29 12:11:17 EDT 2007

Hi Sebastian,

> Oooh - I see - there is the date: July 24 ...
> [ another email just came in is  from 7/18  ...]
> That's quite interesting.
> I have never seen such a delay before ....
> Was some computer sitting on them being turnted off for 10 days ?   ;-)
> -Sebastian.

Not knowing that the mailing list and the google group "Numpy
Discussion" are one and the same, originally I posted this question
through Google Groups. Until now it never showed up in the group. I
thought it was lost and made another post to the mailing list.

In fact with the help of people on this mailing list and some trial
and error, I have already built an extended moudle that does exactly

Thanks for your help.


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