[Numpy-discussion] ATLAS,LAPACK compilation - help!

Matthieu Brucher matthieu.brucher at gmail.com
Fri Jun 1 02:44:23 EDT 2007

> > Red Hat uses Debian packages ? That sounds odd... FC uses RPM, Debian
> > uses deb packages. The problem with RPM is, as stated by David some
> > time ago, that a lot of info is missing in RPM that is present in deb.
> I don't think I stated that :)

Well you said, IIRC, that you had troubles making rpm, no ? If that's not
the case, my apologies, I must be confusing with another discussion
somewhere else :|

> What is more, it is known that using a lot of packages repositories
> > leads to incompatibilities and instabilities.
> I think what Harris meant is that the rpm package is based on the work
> done by the debian packagers. There are official rpm for atlas, I think
> (not sure, as I do not use Fedora on a regular basis).

Oh... OK

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