[Numpy-discussion] GPU implementation?

Bob Lewis bobl at tricity.wsu.edu
Fri Jun 1 13:08:46 EDT 2007

James Turner wrote:

> Hi Martin,
>  > I was wondering if anyone has thought about accelerating NumPy with a
>  > GPU. For example nVidia's CUDA SDK provides a feasible way to offload
>  > vector math onto the very fast SIMD processors available on the GPU.
>  > Currently GPUs primarily support single precision floats and are not
>  > IEEE compliant, but still could be useful for some applications.
> I wasn't actually there, but I noticed that last year's SciPy
> conference page includes a talk entitled "GpuPy: Using GPUs to
> Accelerate NumPy", by Benjamin Eitzen (I think I also found his Web
> page via Google):
>   http://www.scipy.org/SciPy2006/Schedule
> I also wondered whether Benjamin or anyone else who is interested had
> come across the Open Graphics Project (hadn't got around to asking)?

Thanks for your interest.  Ben and I (mostly Ben, it's his MS thesis) 
are working on "gpupy" and expect to have a version ready for testing 
by people other than ourselves some time this summer.

(Very) preliminary results are promising.

	- Bob Lewis
	  School of EECS
	  Washington State University

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