[Numpy-discussion] Installing from egg ?

Robert Kern robert.kern at gmail.com
Sun Jun 3 17:45:03 EDT 2007

Gary Pajer wrote:
> Because I'm a glutton for punishment, I'm starting to install things
> using easy_install.  I'm very new at this, and it's not going well.
> python 2.5 / WinXP (and Kubuntu, but we'll start with Windows)
> if I type
> easy_install numpy
> stuff downloads, but stops with a prompt to select a compiler by
> passing -c xxxxx to setup.py.  I have Mingw installed, and atlas
> binaries, and have no trouble building numpy from svn the old
> fashioned way.   Is the behavior up to now expected? 

Yes. You always have to specify mingw32 somewhere if you want to use that
compiler. If you ever got numpy to compile with mingw32, you were specifying it
some way.

> How do I pass -c
> to setup.py via easy_install (misnamed, imho.  maybe mho will chage
> with time)

Do you have a pydistutils.cfg file?


Adding this section to it will tell it to use mingw always without prompting the
command line.

  compiler = mingw32

As for configuring ATLAS, you can make a file .numpy-site.cfg in your home
directory. I haven't tested this on Windows, though, but if your HOME
environment variable is defined, then %HOME%\.numpy-site.cfg should work. It's
just a regular site.cfg file as usual.

Robert Kern

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