[Numpy-discussion] Numpy-1.0.3 RPM install failure on SUSE 10.2

David Cournapeau david at ar.media.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Sun Jun 10 01:35:22 EDT 2007

rex wrote:
> I tried Debian a couple of years ago and the Devil I know (somewhat)
> seemed a better choice. Perhaps I should try again.
Debian installer improved a lot the last few years. Otherwise, try 
Ubuntu, which is easier to install than mac os x on supported hardware 
(I am not kidding). Both distributions have correct blas, lapack and 
testers/timers (I basically copied their scheme and adapted it for the 
rpms_). They also package atlas correctly.
> Ah, I had this problem the last time also, and Robert Kern kindly
> suggested the same thing. I'd totally forgotten about it. :(
This one has nothing to do with Suse, at least. When compiling 
softwares, you have to install a lot of -devel (-dev on debian) 
packages. This kind of information should be easy to add to the wiki, 
> Today it responded and I installed Numpy, LAPACK and refblas from there
> using the Smart package manager. It works. :)
Good to hear. I can update to 1.0.3 if you need it. Note that because it 
uses the reference blas and lapack, it will be relatively slow compared 
to say ATLAS or MKL. But I took quite a great care to package blas and 
lapack with their testers and timers, dynamically linked to blas and 
lapack, so that you can use them to test other implementations (say ATLAS).


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