[Numpy-discussion] Specifying compiler command line options for numpy.disutils.core

Christian Marquardt christian at marquardt.sc
Thu Jun 14 12:49:43 EDT 2007


I think the default for the standard python distutils is to use the
compiler and the compiler settings for the C compiler that were used to
build Python itself. There might be ways to specify other compilers; but
if you have a shared python library build with one compiler and modules
build with another you might run into trouble if the two compilers use
different system libraries which are not resolved by standard python

I believe that numpy is similar in the sense that you can always build
additional modules with the compilers that were used to build the numpy
core; then, using two fortran based modules (say) will work well because
both require the same shared system libraries of the compiler. Probably,
the  compiler options used to build numpy will also work for your
additinal modules (with respect to paths to linear algebra libraries and
so on).

Again, I think there could be ways to build with different compilers, but
you do run the risk of incompatibilities with the shared libraries.
Therefore, I have become used to build python with the C-compiler kI'd
like to use, even if that means a lot of work.

Hope this helps,


On Thu, June 14, 2007 11:10, Matthieu Brucher wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been trying to use the Intel C Compiler for some extensions, and as a
> matter of fact, only numpy.distutils seems to support it... (hope that the
> next version of setuptools will...)
> Is it possible to change the compiler command line options in the
> commandline or in a .cfg file ? For the moment, I have only -shared, I'd
> like to add -xP for instance.
> This seems to be related to rex's last mail, but I did not find anywhere a
> way to specify these options in (numpy.)distutils or setuptools, even
> though
> it is available for every other non-Python "library builder".
> Matthieu
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