[Numpy-discussion] Building NumPy 1.0.3 on SGI/IRIX system

Atro Tossavainen atossava at cc.helsinki.fi
Tue Jun 12 06:11:50 EDT 2007

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Regarding recent conversation between Charles R Harris and Mary Haley:

1) The problem with Numpy is that *something* causes -L/usr/lib to be
   included explicitly.  This should never be done!  The compiler ABI
   switches -32, -n32, -64 automatically cause the inclusion of the
   library directories for the correct ABI.  If you explicitly include
   one of /usr/lib{,32,64} with -L, the compiler ABI choice probably
   conflicts with it, and even if you don't explicitly specify an ABI
   for the compiler, /etc/compiler.defaults does it for you anyway.

2) Am willing to help with Numpy building/testing on IRIX with MIPS
   compilers, have considerable expertise building F/OSS software in
   general and under IRIX in particular.

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