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Ali Santacruz amsd2013 at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 17 12:57:04 EDT 2007

Thank you very much Chuck for your help.


Ali S.

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On 6/16/07, Ali Santacruz <amsd2013 at yahoo.com> wrote:

Hi dear

I am designing an application that uses GDAL (which seems to bind to Numeric) to
read an image and convert it to an array. The code runs without problem in the
console, then I compile it (apparently without problems), but when I try to
launch the application, it fails and the next error appears in the .log:


(most recent call last):

  File "ViewGdal_0.0-1.py", line 10,
in ?

  File "gdal\__init__.pyc", line 11,
in ?

  File "gdal\gdalnumeric.pyc", line
85, in ?                     #from Numeric import *

  File "Numeric.pyc", line 93, in ?                                 #from
Precision import *

  File "Precision.pyc", line 26, in ?                                #_code_table
= _fill_table(typecodes)

  File "Precision.pyc", line 23, in
_fill_table                   #table[key] = _get_precisions(value)

  File "Precision.pyc", line 18, in

data type not understood


This refers
to the next in Precision.py in Numeric:


typecodes =
{'Character':'c', 'Integer':'1sil', 'UnsignedInteger':'bwu', 'Float':'fd',


    lst = []

    for t in typecodes:

        lst.append( (zeros( (1,), t
).itemsize()*8, t) )                    #this is line 18

    return lst 


As far as I
understand (I've been working with Python for just a couple of months), there
is a problem with the typecodes. What can I do to solve this problem?


I've not
found a version of GDAL that binds to Numpy. I am using GDAL from hobutools (v.
1.75), Numeric v. 24.2, Python 2.4.3 on WinXP.

Looks like GDAL supports numpy

These facilities have evolved somewhat over time. In the past the
package was known as "Numeric" and imported using "import Numeric". A
new generation is imported using "import numpy".
Currently the old generation bindings only support the older Numeric
package, and the new generatio bindings only support the new generation
numpy package.  They are mostly compatible, and by importing gdalnumeric you will get whichever is appropriate to the current bindings type. 

I would look for a package with a more recent version of GDAL that supports numpy. Apart from that, I can't help you.


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