[Numpy-discussion] SharedLibrary builder (ticket 213)

David Cournapeau david at ar.media.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Mon Jun 18 02:46:38 EDT 2007


    following the discussion on using ctypes in scipy, the main problem 
seems the inability to build a usable dll usable by ctypes using 
distutils. Numpy ticket 213 tackles the issue; as I need it personnally, 
I am willing to work on the feature, but I would need a bit some advices 
on numpy.distutils:

    - First, is anyone working on the SharedLibrary right now ?
    - how to add a new argument to numpy.distutils.setup ?

The way I see it, but I don't understand the whole distutils arch yet so 
I may be wrong, would be to add one argument to the setup function, like 
shared_libraries, which would contains a list of objects representing 
the libraries (sources, name, etc...), and which would be build by a 
special builder. But right now, I don't know how the whole calling 
sequence work such as my own builder is called for the items in a given 
argument of setup.



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