[Numpy-discussion] [Pythonmac-SIG] Problem with numpy on Leopard

Brian Granger ellisonbg.net at gmail.com
Fri Nov 2 00:11:36 EDT 2007

> It's not entirely silly.  This has been the advice given to app
> developers on this list and the PyObjC list for years now.  It's nice
> to have a better system Python for quick scripts, but it's still the
> System Python.  It's Apples, for their stuff that uses Python.  And it
> is specific to OS 10.5.  If you use it to build your app, your app is
> pretty much guaranteed not to work when someone tries to run it on
> 10.6, etc.

At some level I agree - I haven't used the system python on Tiger for
a long time now.  But, that is not how Apple "sells" the python on
their system.

> Maybe they have changed how py2app works in 10.5, but the old behavior
> was to embed Python into your app, UNLESS it was the system python.
> Unless there is evidence to the contrary (I don't have Leopard yet), I
> assume that is still true.
> The old advice still holds: For building apps, install your own
> framework build of Python, put it first in your path, and add any
> libraries you require to it.  Then you have control over what goes
> into your app, not Apple.
> --Dethe
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