[Numpy-discussion] numpy : your experiences?

Karol Langner karol.langner at kn.pl
Wed Nov 21 04:27:33 EST 2007

On Saturday 17 November 2007 03:50, Rahul Garg wrote:
> a) Can you guys tell me briefly about the kind of problems you are
> tackling with numpy and scipy?

Organizing jobs in computational chemistry, and parsing/analyzing the output. 
To some extent, also some actual calculations and visualization.

> b) Have you ever felt that numpy/scipy was slow and had to switch to
> C/C++/Fortran?

Almost always when ab initio calculations are concerned.

> c) Do you use any form of parallel processing? Multicores? SMPs?
> Clusters? If yes how did u utilize them?

Not with Python.


written by Karol Langner
Wed Nov 21 10:25:22 CET 2007

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