[Numpy-discussion] OT: A Way to Approximate and Compress a 3D Surface

Stefan van der Walt stefan at sun.ac.za
Fri Nov 23 12:32:06 EST 2007

On Fri, Nov 23, 2007 at 10:19:47AM -0600, Geoffrey Zhu wrote:
> One thing about triangulation I haven't figured out is how to add
> multiple such functions together. So if I have a set of triangles that
> represent f1(x,y) and another set of triangles that represent f2(x,y),
> is there any quick way to get f1(x,y)+f2(x,y) from the triangulation
> results of the parts?

As a simple, and probably naïeve, first guess: if f1 is defined at a
point but f2 is not, interpolate f2 to that point and add to f1.
Thus, the result of f1+f2 will have points in the locations where
either f1 or f2 have them.  Thereafter, you can again simplify the


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