[Numpy-discussion] swig numpy2carray converters

Christopher Barker Chris.Barker at noaa.gov
Mon Nov 26 17:52:36 EST 2007

Bill Spotz wrote:
> First, my plan is to add to numpy.i, typemaps for signatures like the  
> following:
>      %typemap(argout) (double** ARGOUT_ARRAY1, int* DIM1)
> It is important to note that even though the same argument *names*  
> are used, this is a different typemap signature than
>      %typemap(argout) (double* ARGOUT_ARRAY1, int DIM1)
> and thus can have (logically) different implementations.

maybe it's a good idea to give the arguments different names, though, 
just for clarity.

> As for having a COPY version of the first typemap signature (in  
> addition to the non-copy, or "view" version), I currently do not plan  
> to do this.

I think you've got it right.

Thanks for all this!


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