[Numpy-discussion] swig numpy2carray converters

Bill Spotz wfspotz at sandia.gov
Thu Nov 29 23:16:42 EST 2007

I have just committed the latest version of numpy.i (a swig interface  
file for bridging between C arrays and numerical python) to the numpy  
svn repository.  There are three relatively new features that are now  

* It is now possible to wrap functions that expect integer arguments  
and have swig
   generate wrappers that allow you to provide numpy array scalars.

* A new ARGOUTVIEW suite of typemaps is provided that allows your  
wrapped function
   to provide a pointer to internal data and that returns a numpy  
array encapsulating
   it.  This is potentially dangerous, but necessary in some  
situations for very
   large data buffers.

* New typemaps are provided that correctly handle FORTRAN ordered 2D  
and 3D arrays.

Tests for the ARGOUTVIEW and FORTRAN ordered arrays have also been  
added, and the documentation (doc/numpy_swig.*) has been updated to  
reflect all of these changes.

On Nov 26, 2007, at 3:52 PM, Christopher Barker wrote:

> Bill Spotz wrote:
>> First, my plan is to add to numpy.i, typemaps for signatures like the
>> following:
>>      %typemap(argout) (double** ARGOUT_ARRAY1, int* DIM1)
>> It is important to note that even though the same argument *names*
>> are used, this is a different typemap signature than
>>      %typemap(argout) (double* ARGOUT_ARRAY1, int DIM1)
>> and thus can have (logically) different implementations.
> maybe it's a good idea to give the arguments different names, though,
> just for clarity.
>> As for having a COPY version of the first typemap signature (in
>> addition to the non-copy, or "view" version), I currently do not plan
>> to do this.
> I think you've got it right.
> Thanks for all this!
> -Chris
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