[Numpy-discussion] extract elements of an array that are contained in another array?

Alan G Isaac aisaac at american.edu
Thu Jun 4 14:58:32 EDT 2009

On 6/4/2009 1:27 PM josef.pktd at gmail.com apparently wrote:
> Note: there are two versions of the docs for np.intersect1d, the
> currently published docs which describe the actual behavior (for the
> non-unique case), and the new docs on the doc editor
> http://docs.scipy.org/numpy/docs/numpy.lib.arraysetops.intersect1d/
> that describe the "intended" usage of the functions, which also
> corresponds closer to the original source docstring
> (http://docs.scipy.org/numpy/docs/numpy.lib.arraysetops.intersect1d/?revision=-227
> ). that's my interpretation

Again, the distributed docs do *not* describe the actual
behavior for the non-unique case.  E.g.,

>>> np.intersect1d([1,1,2,3,3,4], [1,4])
array([1, 1, 3, 4])

Might this is a better example of
failure than the one in the doc editor?

However the doc editor version states that the function
fails for the non-unique case, so it seems there was a
documentation bug that is in the process of being fixed.


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