[Numpy-discussion] performance matrix multiplication vs. matlab

David Warde-Farley dwf at cs.toronto.edu
Thu Jun 4 20:37:02 EDT 2009

On 4-Jun-09, at 5:03 PM, Anne Archibald wrote:

> Apart from the implementation issues people have chimed in about
> already, it's worth noting that the speed of matrix multiplication
> depends on the memory layout of the matrices. So generating B instead
> directly as a 100 by 500 matrix might affect the speed substantially
> (I'm not sure in which direction). If MATLAB's matrices have a
> different memory order, that might be a factor as well.

AFAIK Matlab matrices are always Fortran ordered.

Does anyone know if the defaults on Mac OS X (vecLib/Accelerate)  
support multicore? Is there any sense in compiling ATLAS on OS X (I  
know it can be done)?


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