[Numpy-discussion] scipy 0.7.1rc2 released

David Cournapeau cournape at gmail.com
Fri Jun 5 07:09:45 EDT 2009


   The RC2 for 0.7.1 scipy release has just been tagged. This is a
bug-fixes only release, see below for the release notes. More
information can
also be found on the trac website:


The only code change compared to the RC1 is one fix which is essential
for mac os x/python 2.6 combination. Tarballs, windows and mac os x
binaries are available.

Please test it ! I am particularly interested in results for scipy
binaries on mac os x (do they work on ppc).

The scipy developers


SciPy 0.7.1 Release Notes

.. contents::

SciPy 0.7.1 is a bug-fix release with no new features compared to 0.7.0.


Bugs fixed:

- Several fixes in Matlab file IO


Bugs fixed:

- Work around a failure with Python 2.6


Memory leak in lfilter have been fixed, as well as support for array object

Bugs fixed:

- #880, #925: lfilter fixes
- #871: bicgstab fails on Win32


Bugs fixed:

- #883: scipy.io.mmread with scipy.sparse.lil_matrix broken
- lil_matrix and csc_matrix reject now unexpected sequences,
  cf. http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.comp.python.scientific.user/19996


Several bugs of varying severity were fixed in the special functions:

- #503, #640: iv: problems at large arguments fixed by new implementation
- #623: jv: fix errors at large arguments
- #679: struve: fix wrong output for v < 0
- #803: pbdv produces invalid output
- #804: lqmn: fix crashes on some input
- #823: betainc: fix documentation
- #834: exp1 strange behavior near negative integer values
- #852: jn_zeros: more accurate results for large s, also in jnp/yn/ynp_zeros
- #853: jv, yv, iv: invalid results for non-integer v < 0, complex x
- #854: jv, yv, iv, kv: return nan more consistently when out-of-domain
- #927: ellipj: fix segfault on Windows
- #946: ellpj: fix segfault on Mac OS X/python 2.6 combination.
- ive, jve, yve, kv, kve: with real-valued input, return nan for out-of-domain
  instead of returning only the real part of the result.

Also, when ``scipy.special.errprint(1)`` has been enabled, warning
messages are now issued as Python warnings instead of printing them to


- linregress, mannwhitneyu, describe: errors fixed
- kstwobign, norm, expon, exponweib, exponpow, frechet, genexpon, rdist,
  truncexpon, planck: improvements to numerical accuracy in distributions

Windows binaries for python 2.6

python 2.6 binaries for windows are now included. The binary for python 2.5
requires numpy 1.2.0 or above, and and the one for python 2.6 requires numpy
1.3.0 or above.

Universal build for scipy

Mac OS X binary installer is now a proper universal build, and does not depend
on gfortran anymore (libgfortran is statically linked). The python 2.5 version
of scipy requires numpy 1.2.0 or above, the python 2.6 version requires numpy
1.3.0 or above.


08cdf8d344535fcb5407dafd9f120b9b  release/installers/scipy-0.7.1rc2.tar.gz
fc8f434a9b4d76f1b38b7025f425127b  release/installers/scipy-0.7.1rc2.zip

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