[Numpy-discussion] matrix default to column vector?

Jason Rennie jrennie at gmail.com
Fri Jun 5 15:02:06 EDT 2009

As someone who is very used to thinking in terms of matrices and who just
went through the adjustment of translating matlab-like code to numpy, I
found the current matrix module to be confusing.  It's poor integration with
the rest of numpy/scipy (in particular, scipy.optimize.fmin_cg) made it more
difficult to use than it was worth.  I'd rather have "matrix" and/or "matrix
multiplication" sections of the documentation explain how to do typical,
basic matrix operations with nparray, dot, T, and arr[None,:].  I think a
matrix class would still be worthwhile for findability, but it should simply
serve as documentation for how to do matrix stuff with nparray.



Jason Rennie
Research Scientist, ITA Software
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