[Numpy-discussion] Fwd: Re: is my numpy installation using custom blas/lapack?

llewelr at gmail.com llewelr at gmail.com
Mon Jun 8 15:20:29 EDT 2009

Changing the site.cfg as you suggested did the trick!

For what its worth, setup.py build no longer fails as before at compilation  
step (line 95),
(I'm still puzzled whether this earlier 'failure' was caused by some error  
in my build process but I should probably let it go.)

and numpy.show_config() now shows ATLAS info under blas_opt_info:

libraries = ['ptf77blas', 'ptcblas', 'atlas']
library_dirs = ['/usr/local/rich/src/scipy_build/lib']
define_macros = [('ATLAS_INFO', '"\\"3.8.3\\""')]
language = c

I guess the short answer for whether non-threaded ATLAS libraries are being  
used (after being found) by a numpy installation is that there is no short  

Thanks Chris for your patience & help!
Numpy is a great resource.

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