[Numpy-discussion] The SciPy Doc Marathon continues

Joe Harrington jh at physics.ucf.edu
Mon Jun 8 16:02:36 EDT 2009

		   Let's Finish Documenting SciPy!

Last year, we began the SciPy Documentation Marathon to write
reference pages ("docstrings") for NumPy and SciPy.  It was a huge
job, bigger than we first imagined, with NumPy alone having over 2,000

We created the doc wiki (now at docs.scipy.org), where you write,
review, and proofread docs that then get integrated into the source
code.  In September, we had over 55% of NumPy in the "first draft"
stage, and about 25% to the "needs review" stage.  The PDF NumPy
Reference Guide was over 300 pages, nicely formatted by ReST, which
makes an HTML version as well.  The PDF document now has over 500
pages, with the addition of sections from Travis Oliphant's book Guide
to NumPy.

That's an amazing amount of work, possible through the contributions
of over 30 volunteers.  It came back to us as the vastly-expanded help
pages in NumPy 1.2, released last September.

With your help, WE CAN FINISH!  This summer we can:

- Write all the "important" NumPy pages to the "Needs Review" stage
- Start documenting the SciPy package
- Get the SciPy User Manual started
- Implement dual review - technical and presentation - on the doc wiki
- Get NumPy docs and packaging on a sound financial footing

We'll start with the first two.  UCF has hired David Goldsmith to lead
this summer's doc effort.  David will write a lot of docs himself, but
more importantly, he will organize our efforts toward completing doc
milestones.  There will be rewards, T-shirts, and likely other fun
stuff for those who contribute the most.  David will start the ball
rolling shortly.

This is a big vision, and it will require YOUR help to make it happen!

The main need now is for people to work on the reference pages.
Here's how:

1. Go to http://docs.scipy.org/NumPy
2. Read the intro and doc standards, and some docstrings on the wiki
3. Make an account
4. Ask the scipy-dev at scipy.org email list for editor access
5. EDIT!

All doc discussions (except announcements like this one) should happen
on the scipy-dev at scipy.org email list.  You can browse the archives
and sign up for the list at http://scipy.org/Mailing_Lists .  That's
where we will announce sprints on topic areas and so on.

We'll also meet online every week, Wednesdays at 4:30pm US Eastern Time,
on Skype.  David will give the details.

Welcome back to the Marathon!

Prof. Joseph Harrington
Planetary Sciences Group
Department of Physics
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jh at physics.ucf.edu

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