[Numpy-discussion] Definitions of pv, fv, nper, pmt, and rate

Alan G Isaac aisaac at american.edu
Mon Jun 8 23:40:12 EDT 2009

On 6/8/2009 11:18 PM David Goldsmith apparently wrote:
> I formally "move" that numpy.financial (or at least that 
> subset of it consisting of functions which are commonly 
> subject to multiple definitions) be moved out of numpy.  

My recollection is that Travis O. added this with the
explicit intent of seducing users who might otherwise
turn to spreadsheets for such functionality.  I.e.,
it was part of an effort to extend the net of the NumPy

I am not urging a case one way or another, although I am
very sympathetic to that reasoning, whether or not I am
correctly recalling the actual motivation.

In that light, however, standard spreadsheet definitions
would be the proper guide.  E.g., the definitions used by

Alan Isaac

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