[Numpy-discussion] Question about memmap

Scott Sinclair scott.sinclair.za at gmail.com
Wed Jun 10 03:26:32 EDT 2009

> 2009/6/10 David Goldsmith <d_l_goldsmith at yahoo.com>:
> My present job - and the Summer Numpy Doc Marathon - is premised on making changes/additions through the Wiki; if anyone other than registered developers is to be messing w/ the rst, it's news to me.  At this point, someone who knows should please step in and clearly explain the relationship between the Wiki and the rst (or point to the place on the Wiki where this is explained).  Thanks!
> DG

To add to Robert's eplanation.

The front page of the Doc-Wiki says:

"You do not need to be a SciPy developer to contribute, as any
documentation changes committed directly to the Subversion repository
by developers are automatically propogated here on a daily basis. This
means that you can be sure the documentation reflected here is in sync
with the most recent Scipy development efforts."

All of the documentation in the Wiki is actually stored as plain text
in rst format (this is what you see when you click on the edit link).
The files are stored in a separate subversion repository to the
official NumPy and SciPy repositories. The Doc-Wiki simply renders the
rst formatted text and provides nice functionality for editing and
navigating the documentation.

For documentation to get from the Wiki's repo to the main NumPy and
SciPy repo's someone (with commit privileges) must make a patch and
apply it. Visit http://docs.scipy.org/numpy/patch/ and generate a
patch to see what I mean.

Any changes a developer checks into the main repo's will automatically
be propogated to the Doc-Wiki repo once a day, to avoid things getting
to confused.

The upshot is, if you're a developer you can commit doc changes
directly to the main repos. If you are not you can edit the rst docs
in the Doc-Wiki and this will be committed to the main repos at some
convenient time (usually just before a release).


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