[Numpy-discussion] Inquiry Regarding F2PY Windows Content

Carl, Andrew F (AS) a.carl at ngc.com
Wed Jun 10 15:34:29 EDT 2009

PC w/ Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600] 
1) <Follow steps 1 thru 3 from "F2py Windows" web page>, in my case as
	a) ActiveState ActivePython
	b) Numpy 1.3.0
	c) gFortran (dated 2009-04-21)
2) Install MinGW 5.1.4 (g++, g77, make)
3) Check system environmental variables as follows:
	a) PATH:
	b) C_INCLUDE_PATH: C:\gfortran\include
4) Run C:\Python25\Lib\site-packages\numpy\f2py\diagnose.py and review
output for g77 & g95 fcompilers found & contents of flags:
	a) GnuFCompiler instance: c:\MinGW\gin\g77.exe
	b) Gnu95FCompiler instance: c:\gfortran\bin\gfortran.exe
	c) If you don't see items "a" & "b" above, don't bother trying
the example problem from the "F2py Windows" web page
5) <same as step 5 from "F2py Windows" web page>

	To make matters worse, an install/uninstall of ipython from "Add
or Remove Programs" "broke" it, requiring the entire process to be
repeated (i.e. uninstall/re-install numpy & scipy alone did not work).
THIS IS SCARY (and frustrating)!


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On 06/10/2009 11:41 AM, Carl, Andrew F (AS) wrote:
> Got gfortran (dated 2009-04-21) working w/ python 2.5.2, numpy 1.3.0& 
> MinGW 5.1.4, and after removing the intel fortran system environmental

> variables (plus six python installs, a intel fortran uninstall, and a 
> day and a half of head scratching).
> Andy
What is the operating system (version and type) you are using?
Also, could you please list the steps that worked or an overview of them
as it may help other people?

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