[Numpy-discussion] RFC: add a install_clib numpy.distutils command to install pure C libraries

David Cournapeau david at ar.media.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Fri Jun 12 06:46:04 EDT 2009


    I have finally spent some time so that we can install pure C
libraries using numpy.distutils. With this, one could imagine having a C
library for fft, special functions in numpy or scipy, so that the
library could be reused in another package at the C level. If someone
knowledgeable about numpy.distutils would like to review this branch, I
would be grateful:


The branch uses this functionality for npy_math, so that we can do:

# get_npymath_info is in numpy.distutils.misc_util, and its output is
compatible with system_info
config.add_library("foo", sources=['foo.c'], extra_info=get_npymath_info())

The code to add an installable library is generic, but there is no code
to get the build info for external packages (except for npy_math). I did
not find an obvious way to do this generically,



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