[Numpy-discussion] numpy distutils and cython

Robert Cimrman cimrman3 at ntc.zcu.cz
Tue Nov 3 04:51:21 EST 2009


I am using numpy distutils to build the extension modules of a project, which 
have been so far written in C, and wrapped by SWIG. Now I would like to try 
cython (as everynone!), but still be able to use the numpy distutils. I have 
found the thread [1], which offers some solution, but it does not mention using 
the Configuration class from numpy.distutils.misc_util which I use.

How can I tell Configuration to use Cython instead of Pyrex?


[1] http://old.nabble.com/problem-with-numpy.distutils-and-Cython-td25100957.html

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