[Numpy-discussion] Automatic string length in recarray

David Warde-Farley dwf at cs.toronto.edu
Tue Nov 3 11:43:25 EST 2009

On 2-Nov-09, at 11:35 PM, Thomas Robitaille wrote:

> But if I want to specify the data types:
> np.rec.fromrecords([(1,'hello'),(2,'world')],dtype=[('a',np.int8),
> ('b',np.str)])
> the string field is set to a length of zero:
> rec.array([(1, ''), (2, '')], dtype=[('a', '|i1'), ('b', '|S0')])
> I need to specify datatypes for all numerical types since I care about
> int8/16/32, etc, but I would like to benefit from the auto string
> length detection that works if I don't specify datatypes. I tried
> replacing np.str by None but no luck. I know I can specify '|S5' for
> example, but I don't know in advance what the string length should be
> set to.

This is a limitation of the way the dtype code works, and AFAIK  
there's no easy fix. In some code I wrote recently I had to loop  
through the entire list of records i.e. max(len(foo[2]) for foo in  


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