[Numpy-discussion] printoption to allow hexified floats?

Ken Basye kbasye1 at jhu.edu
Wed Dec 1 14:18:36 EST 2010

Hi Numpy folks,
     When working with floats, I prefer to have exact string 
representations in doctests and other reference-based testing; I find it 
helps a lot to avoid chasing cross-platform differences that are really 
about the string conversion rather than about numerical differences.  
Since Python 2.6, the, the hex() method on floats has been available and 
it gives an exact representation.  Is there any way to have Numpy arrays 
of floats printed using this representation?  If not, would there be 
interest in adding that?
     On a somewhat related note, is there a table someplace which shows 
which versions of Python are supported in each release of Numpy?  I 
found an FAQ that mentioned 2.4 and 2.5, but since it didn't mention 2.6 
or 2.7 (much less 3.1), I assume it's out of date.  This relates to the 
above since it would be harder to support a new hex printoption for 
Pythons before 2.6.
         Ken B.

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